The Bullseye Shirt is here!


Bullseye shirts are here!

They're just $20 over at the MaxFunStore. We're currently taking pre-orders for three colors. Everyone who pre-orders will get their favorite color, but once they go into production, we'll only be offering the best-selling color, so act now.

$20, ultra-premium (that's how we roll). Do it!

The MBMBaM Shirt is Here!


The all-new My Brother, My Brother & Me t-shirt is here!

Check it out in the MaxFunStore now.

MBMBaM MXTP (See: Mixtape) Available Now


If you've listened to a bit of the My Brother, My Brother and Me back catalog, you've probably heard us talk about DJ Rocky Horror and his miraculous MBMBaM MXTP. If not, here's a synopsis: He's taken clips from the show and spliced them into delightful tunes from some of the greatest musical minds of our generation, such as They Might Be Giants, Major Lazer and Lionel Richie. It's a complete trip -- and it's available now!

Also, in an attempt to clear out the remainder of our merch, we've marked down prices on every item in the MBMBaM store. Gird yourself with our wisdom!

Somewhere in Vancouver

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Somewhere in Vancouver. Night.

A clash of swords.

A glint of metal upon metal.

A new t-shirt, for Stop Podcasting Yourself.

Only in the MaxFunStore.

Sensual Seduction

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Dreams really do come true.

In a market in erotic Istanbul. A vendor, hidden behind a haze of hashish smoke. A single perfect t-shirt. Soft, draping, sensual. A racecar, a few words, a fleeting moment of urging. A taste of a forbidden mana.

Or was it just a fever dream?

Sleep tight, little one. Today, a fever dream becomes a fever reality.

The Jordan, Jesse, Go! t-shirt.

Printed on ultra-premium Alternative Apparel shirts. May cause prolonged boners in both men and women.

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