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Switchblade Sisters Episode 72: 'Pickup on South Street' with 'Leave No Trace' and 'Winter's Bone' Director Debra Granik

Debra Granik

Pickup on South Street

Debra was a Boston independent filmmaker before she picked up and left for NYU’s graduate film program. Her first short film there, “Snake Feed,” was accepted into the Sundance Labs, where she developed the concept into her first narrative feature, Down to the Bone, starring Vera Fermiga. From there, Debra and her creative partner Anne Rossellini developed a film based on Daniel Woodrell’s 2006 novel, Winter's Bone. The film was released in 2010 and tells the story of a girl who’s the sole caretaker of her family who must hunt down her missing father to avoid being kicked out of her house and losing everything. The girl was played by Jennifer Lawrence. Lawrence was nominated for an Academy Award, as was Debra’s film and screenplay. In 2018, she directed Leave No Trace, a story about a father with PTSD trying to raise his teen daughter off the grid when some well-meaning people intervene and change the course of their lives. Starring Ben Foster and newcomer Thomasin Mckenzie Harcourt, Leave No Trace has been on multiple Top Ten lists, and won Debra the Best Director award at the 2019 LAFCA awards ceremony.

The film that Debra has chosen to discuss is Samuel Fuller's classic noir, Pickup on South Street. This is a personal favorite of Debra's and it becomes clear with how much appreciation and thought she has for the film. Debra discusses how she is able to create realistic dialogue for people who aren't from her "bougie, liberal" world. She talks about working with actress Dale Dickey, and why people love watching her on screen. Debra also elaborates on the use of guns in cinema, how we rely on them to tell stories, and how she is trying to "restore meaning to the woundable body."

You can watch Leave No Trace on Amazon Prime.

If you haven't seen it yet, go watch Pickup on South Street.

With April Wolfe and Debra Granik.

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Heat Rocks EP78: Heartbreak Radio on the "Chungking Express" soundtrack (1994)

Heat Rocks
Lady Imix
DJ Phatrick

The Album: Chungking Express Soundtrack (1994)
Legendary Hong Kong filmmaker Wong Kar Wai has long been known for how he integrates pop songs into his films and soundtracks. Chungking Express, Wong's breakout international hit, was no exception as he worked  in everything from '60s folk pop to '70s reggae to '90s alternative in the mix, alongside an original score by longtime composer partners Roel Garcia and Frankie Chan. To discuss the melding of sound, image and story in Wong's fanciful tale of two cops and the women who (may or may not) love them, we brought in the hosts of Heartbreak Radio, Lady Imix and DJ Phatrick.
Heartbreak Radio which began as an internet show devoted to the sounds of "beautiful sadness" and now it broadcasts every two weeks on KQBH LP, 101.5 FM, a micro-transmitter station out of Boyle Heights, Los Angeles. Imix (aka Sol) and Phatrick (aka Patrick) are now old hands at the sounds of love and longing and it was obvious why they'd want to muse on the music of Chungking Express. Together we talked about how Wong Kar Wai's movies use pop, how the right song can enhance a character and whether or not Oliver is bugging out when he says that he can't stand to hear "California Dreamin'" anymore.
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More on Lady Imix and DJ Phatrick

More on the music of Chungking Express

Show Tracklisting (all songs from the soundtrack of Chungking Express unless indicated otherwise):

  • Fornication in Space
  • Things in Life
  • Heartbreak Interlude
  • Flying Pickets: Only You
  • Los Indios Tabajara: Always in My Heart
  • Nat King Cole: Quizas, Quizas, Quizas
  • What A Difference A Day Makes
  • Urge Overkill: Girl You'll Be A Woman Soon
  • California Dreamin'
  • Lee Moses: California Dreamin'
  • Fornication in Space
  • Things in Life
  • Dreams
  • What A Difference A Day Makes
  • Dreams

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The JV Club with Janet Varney Ep. 315: Sydnee McElroy

The JV Club
Sydnee McElroy

Put on your sequined vest and don’t let the band kids snub you— you’re show choir royalty with this week’s guest, Sydnee McElroy ("Sawbones")! It’s all about singing, the raggle-taggle delights of high school theatre, and the long road to figuring out that it doesn’t take dress slacks and a pair of heels to prove you’re a grown-up.

Hosted by Janet Varney.

Edited by Julian Burrell for Maximum Fun.

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Mission to Zyxx #301: Down With the Emperor!

Mission to Zyxx

The crew has gone into hiding from the Emperor following the tumultuous events of the Battle of the Planet Crushers. Pleck makes a friend. Dar has news. Nermut gets discovered.

The Adventure Zone: Amnesty - Episode 24


The Pine Guard are scattered to the wind as their shape-shifting target wreaks havoc around Kepler. Duck tells the truth. Aubrey wields her mightiest magic yet. Ned just tries to stay alive.

Breakups and Heartbreaks


Hello Internet and Happy MaxFunDrive to all! We've got a very special episode this week all about BREAKUPS AND HEARTBREAKS! Plus, our sister show Sawbones is doing a companion episode all about BROKEN HEART DISEASE! Enjoy and please consider visiting and supporting the shows you love!

Ross and Carrie Get In Shape (House): Sweat Sleeve Edition


Ross and Carrie pack their bones and flesh into the world's hottest sleeping bag and sweat their toxins, fat, and stress away, thanks to Shape House, "the first and only urban sweat lodge." Along with their friend Allan Amato, they strap themselves into individual infrared sauna beds, raise the temperature to mega-sweat levels, and bake out all the grody stuff built up in their disgusting, Los Angeles-infested bodies.

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Judge John Hodgman Episode 407: 280 Character Witness

Naomi Fry

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Troy files suit against his friend, Sarah. Troy discovered that Sarah is not following him back on Twitter. He's especially offended that she is following John Mayer but not him. Troy believes he deserves a follow but she disagrees. With Expert Witness Naomi Fry!


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One Bad Mother, Episode 297: Can You Hold This For Me? Plus, Judy Greer!

One Bad Mother
Judy Greer

Biz and Theresa get stuck holding the bag…and the water bottles, and the half eaten sandwich, and the “art” and the toddler. Where in all those parenting books did it warn us that there would be so much carrying? Perhaps it's less about the stuff and more about feeling like a haggard and broken coat rack left outside? Yeah, probably. Plus, Biz does not know, Theresa gets a clue, and we are beyond psyched to have Judy Greer (Married, Archer, Let's Go Luna!, Ask the StoryBots, and soooo many more) on the show this week, talking about being a step-mom and so much more. This is Week One of the #MaxFunDrive and you can join or upgrade your membership and get awesome thank-you gifts at -- AND WE THANK YOU.

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