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Lil Mama "Lip Gloss"

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It's Poppin!

I like the part where she goes, "It's probably the reason all these boys got cruuuuushhhhhhhhhes." Rap music is a great venue for silly shit like this.

Jonathan Coulton is Artist 2.0!


Our top quality #1 pal Jonathan Coulton has made the newspaper of record -- check out this great piece about him in the New York Times Magazine!

Betty Davis is ready to rip you a new one.

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Pitchfork is reporting that Light in the Attic Records will be re-issuing the discography of the great funkstress Betty Davis. I couldn't be more excited.

Davis's sound was almost definitional of funk -- with the Sly Stone rhythm section behind her, she pushed the limits of the outrageousness of Parliament-style funk while grounding the whole affair with raw, immediate vocal performances. It's something amazing to hear.

Here's a song from one of the records that's going to be re-released - Nasty Gal.

Betty Davis - F.U.N.K.



Adult Swim lets loose its brand new pilots today at They'll also air Sunday in the regular adult swim lineup.


"Let's Fish," which pairs Brendon Small (Home Movies, Dethklok) with Scott Adsit (30 Rock).

"The Drinky Cow Show," based on the comic strip Maakies by Kasper Hauser pal Tony Millionaire.

& "Fat Guy Stuck in Internet," based on the Channel 102 series Gemberling.

Check them out at and cast your votes.

Interview in the Long Island Press

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I just did a nice interview with Mo Ibrahim of the Long Island Press. You can find it here. I reveal, among other things, which podcast is the most fun for me to do.

Podcast: Celebrity Snark with Amelie Gillette and Alex Blagg


How's this for a change of pace... an issue-oriented TSOYA! We talk with two people I really like about a phenomenon I really hate: celebrity snark.

Amelie Gillette is the author of the very funny column and blog "The Hater" for The Onion AV Club. Alex Blagg is one of the bloggers on BestWeekEver.TV, the blog spinoff of the popular VH1 series.

We talk about the proliferation of celebrity snark, the recent Kimmel/Gawker kerfuffle and much more.

Please share your thoughts on this program on our forum!

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How many Spidermen?

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Finally, David Letterman answers the age old question: how many Spidermen can fit into a Jamba Juice?

(thanks Kyle!)

Operators Are Standing By!


Today I'll put out the last TSOYA will a pledge plug, and I want to thank some more of the good folks who've given so far...

My thanks to: Ramsey E, Yakov K, Tyler M, Cara C, Chris V, Steven T, Lee M, Trevor A, Jane L, Jeremiah D, Charles M, Brian M, Robert C, Peter H, Finn M, Dana D, Marie D, Laura G, Neal M, Matthew H and Chuck B.

If you'd like to join these good people in giving to support the show, just click here.

Not only does EVERYONE who donates get a prize, you'll also be entered to win some super cool prizes, like a DVD box set of Get Smart, an autographed copy of John Hodgman's Areas of My Expertise, a copy of Kasper Hauser's SkyMaul, or one of FIVE personalized hoboes illustrated by Ape Lad.

Please give now.

How inside can a joke be?


Forum regular Smartbunny designed this Jordan, Jesse GO! bumpersticker. If you don't get it, you should listen to Jordan, Jesse GO! more.

It is for sale for $2.99. Proceeds benefit Smartbunny's "find better things to do with her time" fund.

(Just kidding: designing CafePress stickers for your favorite podcast is awesome, as long as you favorite podcast is produced by me.)

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