Jordan, Jesse, Go! Episode 248: Deep V with Andy Secunda and Brea Grant

Andy Secunda
Brea Grant

Andy Secunda and Brea Grant join Jordan for a discussion of staying "on brand", destination weddings, different types of fans, and their new webseries, Game Shop.

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Where can one go to learn more about Jordon's web-series mentioned in this episode?


When I try and check out the ting mobile promo address you give on the show it doesn't work, what's up? Is it or jordon-jesse-go! I was actually planning to start using ting so the code could be handy for me and if it somehow supports you guys all the better.

Hi there! I've updated the

Hi there! I've updated the blog post with a direct link to get the discount, and it appears to be working on my end. Thanks for your support!