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Lady to Lady EP. 284 "Rich in Time" ft. Nicole Aimee Schreiber

Lady to Lady
Nicole Aimee Schreiber

Nicole Aimee Schreiber (@NicoleAimee) give the ladies tips on how to organize closets, kitchen and life. They bond offer coffee, pimple popping, and being gross. Produced by Kailynn West, booker Marie Colette, theme song Zach Ames.

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Inside Pop Ep. 129- Strong Black Lead, Sense8 Series Finale

Inside Pop

Please note that this episode of Inside Pop is NOT sponsored by Netflix despite the fact that we're celebrating the network's content throughout the half hour!

First up - we examine the Strong Black Lead promo Netflix released at the beginning of the week. We discuss its impact, what iconic photo inspired it, who created it and yes - how it caused some controversy.

Then, Sean says good-bye to one of his favorite series of all time in a completely non-objective review of the Sense8 series finale. Sean will answer the following questions:

Did the cluster's final synchronized bow meet all of his expectations? Did the finale provide a sense of closure? When is an orgy more than an orgy?

Plus Amita reviews Sean's Big Sell from last week and sells him on a (say it like Oprah) MOOOVIE MOOOONTAGE!!!!


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Wonderful! Ep. 40: Sheet Fighter


Griffin's favorite nearby celestial body! Rachel's favorite new music! Griffin's favorite psychedelic song! Rachel's favorite love study!

Music: "Money Won't Pay" by bo en and Augustus -

Ted Leo in “Folder 9, Files One and Two”

Jonah Raydio
Ted Leo

Podhaüs begin. Ted Leo, from Ted Leo and The Pharmacists, joins the podcast this week. Ted tells us about his Thin Lizzy proselytizing, his times with his early band Chisel and one of his longest held musical regrets. He tells us about his major label meeting that almost talked him into it and we forget the name of the guy who wrote Waiting for Godot and the Mark Wahlberg movie with the intimate behavior on the rollercoaster.

We also answer your twitter questions. Most of them were addressed to Ted. Also how the French-Dutch movie the Vanishing really screwed up Ted.


Summer Cannibals- I Want To Believe

Chisel- An Amateur Thief

Ted Leo and The Pharmacists - Bottle of Buckie

Culture Abuse- Dip

Detroiters Second season plug cause it great

Ted Leo- Since You Been Gone/Maps

Alex Jonestown Massacre - Cheap Shots and Sucker Punches

Bubble Episode 3: The Dark District


Morgan and Annie move on up.



Alison Becker - Morgan
Eliza Skinner - Annie
Mike Mitchell - Mitch
Cristela Alonzo - Bonnie
Keith Powell - Van
Tavi Gevinson - Narrator


John Hodgman, Janie Haddad, Paul F Tompkins, Mark Gagliardi, Danielle Radford, Tom Scharpling, Martin Starr


Created by Jordan Morris. Executive Produced by Jordan Morris, Nick Adams, and Jesse Thorn.

Written by Janine Brito

Produced by Julia Smith. Directed by Eric Martin. Editing and sound design by Ben Walker. Script Supervision by Shana Daloria. Engineered by Julian Burrell.

Original Music by Annie Hart.

#174 - Best 80s Cartoon LIVE from Philadelphia

Photo by Tim VanVranken

Recorded live at the Philly Improv Theater as part of the 2018 Philadelphia Podcast Festival, Mark and Hal revisit their youth as they determine the best cartoon from the 1980s!

Still Buffering: How to Pride (Now with 50% Teens!)

Still Buffering

Happy Pride Month! To celebrate this wonderful time of the year, the sisters were joined by one of Rileigh's long time friends, Elizabeth, a teen member of the LGBTQ+ community. This week, Elizabeth joins Rileigh in being the teen voice of our show, and along with our middlest sister, the two explore what being "definitely not straight" as a teen of yesterday and today has been like for them.

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Music: "Baby You Change Your Mind" by Nouvellas

Jordan, Jesse, Go! Episode 537: Saving My Meat for Marriage with Cristela Alonzo

Cristela Alonzo

Comedian, voice actress, and one of the stars of BUBBLE Cristela Alonzo joins Jordan and Jesse for a discussion of Cristela's Disneyland rider when she does voice over for Disney, the streaming commercials that viscerally upset Jordan and Jesse, and the role that the United States Post Office played in Jesse cementing his manhood. Plus, Jordan debuts a new nickname he got from a chill dude friend of a friend named Rich.

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CIPYD 149: Jordan Morris and Unapologetic Dog Complainers

Jordan Morris

Hello sweet listeners! Welcome!

We've got a fully loaded episode for ya this week! We've got a Dogs We Met this Week that doubles as a Tugsaster! Whoa! We have a charming My Mutt Minute from Emma & Luke about their dog Ellie. Plus, Jordan Morris (Jordan, Jesse, Go!) joined us on a fun field trip to the Vanderpump Dog Foundation and joins us to tell you all about it and his brand new podcast, Bubble!

Don't wait! Grab a Greyhound and zoom in here!

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Everything's Coming Up Simpsons Ep. 143: Homer the Smithers w/ Hari Kondabolu

Hari Kondabolu

This week, we'll welcome comedian, actor and filmmaker Hari Kondabolu! Last year, you might have seen his documentary called "The Problem with Apu," which aired and can be streamed on TruTV. Join us as he discusses one of his favorite episodes - "Homer the Smithers." Plus, we'll dive deep into his complicated relationship with the Simpsons over the years. Check out Hari in his new comedy stand-up special on Netflix called "Warn Your Relatives."