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AST's Louie CK Interview


Louie CK has crafted an amazing career by being true to himself. He talks about going through 20 years of standup to get to the point where he can star in Lucky Louie in this interview with's Matt Bellknap.

In the most recently posted portion of the interview, he talks about sharing a sort of entertainment-world weariness with his co-star on the show, Pamela Adlon:

And she’s grown past any point of like, “I’m gonna make it, man!” That kind of evangelical, in-their-20s young people [attitude], the way I remember feeling. “Somebody’s gonna know who I am! I’ll be like that dude in ‘Entourage’ on the red carpet.” I mean, the red carpet events I’ve been to, the Emmys and stuff, I’m happy to go around the back of the press, get my statue and go home to my kids. I’m not interested in that shit.

And I had a similar thing: I came up in the ‘80s, and people were like, “This guy maybe will do something,” but my hair started falling out, I hit the ‘90s and they went, “No, go write for the real guys. Go write for the characters that people really want to see.”

So Pamela and I have had that behind the scenes thing. Neither of us are supposed to be here right now. We went yesterday and took our picture in front of -- we went and celebrated our billboard. And we’re just standing there going, “This is just fuckin’ weird. We don’t belong up there.” We’re not Kate Hudson and Brad Pitt. So, it’s just fucked up, you know? Our lives aren’t built for that. I ain’t goin’ to those clubs, and I’m not going to events. And I don’t know that that’s where this will lead. I have no idea.

No matter what field you're in, I think you'll find this interview inspiring.

Welcome The Bastion!


Our pals over at The Apiary (the US Weekly of New York City comedy) must have been out fornicating, because they just had a brand new baby. It's called The Bastion, and it's dedicated to comedy in the City with Broad Shoulders: Chicago. I know I'm looking forward to insight into the vibrant Chicago comedy scene -- particularly the worlds of improv and sketch that bubble around the Second City, the Annoyance Theater, and the Improv Olympic.

The Best Singles of the First Half


My favorite hip-hop blogger is Noz. He gained fame with his uber-popular Cocaine Blunts & Hip-Hop Tapes blog, where he gave voice to some of the best-informed and crotchetiest rap opinions in the blogosphere. These days, he's blogging for the excellent new XXL website. Come to find out... he listens to The Sound! Can you imagine? Not quite as good as finding out Dave Foley listens, but close.

Here's Noz' list of the top 20 hip-hop singles of the first half of the year. Featuring this anti-God track from Mobb Deep, which my teenaged brother hasn't shut up about in like three months ("Dude, Jesse, PRODIGY DISSED GOD!"). Thank goodness O'Reilly didn't get hold of that one.

Comedy Central Presents Mitch Hedburg


"The Lo-Fi Ballad of Daniel Johnston"


A wonderful piece from the PRX podcast.

Download (MP3)

High Five Contest!


Some great entries into today's Sound of Young America contest, which requested that you take a picture of yourself high-fiiving a coworker. Our randomly selected winner was Mary from San Francisco... congrats, Mary!

Here are a few other entries...

From Eric (also in San Francisco):

From Josh in Miami:

From Christian in Chicago:

From Rob in LA:

And thanks to Steven, who works in a "secured area" where he can't bring a camera (building a super-soldier?), but drew a picture of his high five in MS Word, which got all messed up, too messed up to show here, but definately included cool word art of the word "SMACK!"

Contest, 7/7: HIGH FIVE!


I was talking with my girlfriend yesterday, and we came up with what I think might be our best contest yet.

Take a picture of yourself high-fiving a co-worker. Email it to contest @ maximumfun dot org, with the date in the subject and your address in the body of the email. If you don't want to be on our e-mail list, mention that in your email.

Your prize is my last Kids in the Hall season four box set, thanks to the good folks at A&E Home Video.



One more entry from yesterday's contest


This from Eric, who just realized he accidentally sent it to the wrong address.

An Alternate View on Superman


Noel Murray of The Onion's AV Club has some interesting things to say about his favorite superhero, Superman over on their blog.

"The appeal of Superman—again, maybe just to me, though I think to others as well—is that because he can do everything, he doesn’t have to do much at all. He can take care of business and then chill out, solitude-style, at his Arctic clubhouse, where he tinkers with robots and obsessively arranges his souvenirs into a massive monument to himself. Or he can spend a whole day thinking up the perfect birthday present for Batman. Or he can make publicity appearances, while dodging Lois’ attempts to find out his secret identity. The stakes are pretty low in those forty-year-old Superman stories—even in the “imaginary tales” where some bored staffer figured out a way to end the endless Superman saga, at least for a week. And if somebody today wants to know how to write a Superman story, it shouldn’t be that hard. Just ask a ten-year-old boy what he’d do if he were Superman, and take notes."


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